Thermal Degasser Systems

Thermal Degasser Systems
  • Oxygen removal up to 7 ppb (0,005 cc/l)
  • Complete CO2 removal
  • Up to 50 tph water capacity
  • Standard 10 minutes of storage capacity
  • Long boiler and installation life
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Deaeration is the process of removing the dissolved oxygen from the boiler feed water. Additi¬onally, in the deaeration process the CO2 is also removed. Removal of these two gases is important in boiler feed water as both of the segases promote corrosionin the boiler orsteam system.

An additional benefit of a deaerator is the high water feeding temperature to boiler, so risk of low temperature corrosion on the smoke side is decreased and thermal shocks are liminated in the boiler. Corrosion created by O2 and CO2 gases is shown.

Carbondioxide Corrosion

Longitudinal slits inside condensate pipes are typical sign of CO2 corrosion.

Oxygen Corrosion

Small hollows at water side of boiler tubes are typical sign of O2 corrosion.

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