Economizers And Air Preheaters


Some Application Fields

  • Boiler feedwater or combustion air preheating
  • Process or heating water production
  • Additional energy recovery in cogeneration stacks
  • Heat recovery from marine engine stacks
  • Heat recovery from furnace stacks
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Design and Fabrication

  • Engineering according to fuel and application specifications
  • Perfect design for optimal heat transfer and water/flue gas pressure drop
  • Delivery with all auxiliary equipments (Optional)
  • Smoketube and finned watertube constructions
  • Design and production for oil-gas and solid fuel fired systems
  • Stainless steel and condensing types available
  • CE certifications in accordance with EN 12952 ve 2014/68/EU (Optional)

Benefits of Economizer Applications

  • Each 21 C Temperature drop in stack gases means %1 efficiency increase of boiler
  • Over %100 efficiency can be achived using condensing economizers which recovers latent heat of water vapour in exhaust gases
  • Preheating of boiler feed water increases boiler life by preventing thermal shocks
  • Emission release to atmosphere could be less with decreased fuel consumption
  • Combustion air can be preheated to recover stack waste heat as well

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